Fragrance Review: Miu Miu – Miu Miu

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Being this from a sub-brand of Prada, and with the same perfumer, Daniela Andrier (whose fragrances I tend to love), I had moderately high hopes for what’d be inside the pretty & cool, neo-60’s-futuristic bottle of Miu Miu’s pillar fragrance of the same name. Well…

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Fragrance Review: Guerlain – L’Heure Bleue

Rating: 5 out of 5.

L’Heure Bleue is named after the Blue Hour: the moments right after sunset (or before sunrise) when the sky is filled with a serene, deep blue light. Released in 1912, this historical fragrance is now nearing its 110th birthday, but I enthusiastically encourage fellow perfume fans not to feel intimidated to try it.

This is a stunning fragrance, fully worthy of its poetic name – and perhaps one of the “easiest” Guerlain classics to like if you’re used to modern perfumes.

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Fragrance Calendar – December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂

December is such a fun month; the time of all things warm, cosy and optimistic. Christmas decorations, fairy lights, fluffy socks, hot cocoa by the fireplace, feel-good movies, marzipan… *insert The Nutcracker music in the background*.

Winter is right around the corner, but December’s cheerful vibes call for contrast against the cold weather: fragrances that are all about warmth, sparkle, or a beautiful combination of both! Rich vanillas, butter-y florals, spicy ambers, enveloping woods, nutty gourmand compositions…

Here are some perfect scent matches for the Holiday Season!

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Fragrance Review: Chloé – Chloé Naturelle

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A rare exception here or there, I’m a fan of Chloé fragrances, and tend to appreciate their pretty, timeless, romantic vibes. I’m still to give 2020’s Chloé Rose Tangerine a try, but the new(er) 2021 Chloé Naturelle sneaked past it on my test list (as the bottle & notes lineup seemed more like my style), and, a few days ago, I jumped at the chance to give it a sniff.

Here’s my brief, first-impressions review!

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My Art: Star Trek Fashion!

Here’s a bit more of my art, this time inspired by the fun fandom-inspired looks from blogs like Disneybound!

The idea is to reference a fictional character, place, etc. through a collage of clothes and accessories. Only, they shouldn’t form an obvious costume, but an actually wearable – and fashionable – look!

Translating costume concepts into subtler fashion elements sounded super fun, so I decided to do a series of looks based on Star Trek species! For each one, I put together a collage of clothes and accessories to convey their design and concept in the most recognizable (and stylish!) way. Then, I made a fashion sketch of each complete look, plus a fashion-magazine styled flavour text. (my fellow Trekkies, can you get all the references?)

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Fragrance Calendar – November

As November comes, Autumn is slowly changing its vibrant yellows and oranges into a softer palette: browns & greys, dusty greens, bordeaux red… Peaceful cloudy skies, cold rain washing beige leaves over the pavement… It’s rainy and cold, and we can almost see winter (and Christmas decorations) peeking from around the corner… but not quite yet.

Scent-wise, like mood-wise, November strikes me as a quiet, introspective window between sweet & spice-rich October and December. It’s a perfect time for moody yet comforting chypres, dark fruits, berries & woods, nostalgic florals and velvety textures with cool, smoky, and / or sugar-free tones.

Here are some perfect fragrance styles for November…

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Scent-Off: Giorgio Armani Sì vs Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Sweet Berries & May Rose – who does it better? In today’s Scent-Off, we’ll look at Giorgio Armani and Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming. Although, of course, not identical, these two fragrances do smell similar. So much so, one might feel torn between buying one or the other.

So, how do they compare, and which one would be the best match for you? Let’s find out!

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