Fragrance Review: Tous – Happy Moments

Rating: 1 out of 5.

From the ads and general presentation of Tous Happy Moments, one would expect it to be a cheerful, fresh fruity-floral, probably in the lines of Marc Jacobs Daisy.

Well, turns out, I’d hesitate to call Happy Moments a fruity-floral. It also smells nothing like Daisy (the fragrance), but it does feature daisy (the flower) as a note… which sounds like a better idea than it actually is.

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Patchouli Fragrances

Extracted from a bush that grows mainly in India, patchouli is a complex note with earthy, woody, green-herbal and sweet facets. Its texture can go from gritty and menthol-like to smooth and creamy, but its main effect is always dark and “grounded”. For its characteristic weight / intensity, patchouli is most used in the base of perfumes, and it’s an important note in many fragrance genres – from woody chypres and smoky orientals up to honeyed gourmands.

Here is my list of patchouli-centric fragrances for you to try, discover, and enjoy the many facets of this note! As always, the list is more or less arranged by similarity – so if you like a fragrance, you might also enjoy its “neighbours”. Bottles have links to a full review, when avaliable!

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Fragrance Review: Dior – J’Adore Infinissime

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I tend to like – if not love! – Dior fragrances; but, after the pretty yet plasticky Joy, blurry trainwreck Joy Intense, and harsh Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses… I coudn’t help but start to feel more sceptical towards their new releases.

Enters the latest J’Adore flanker… And wow! This time, Dior’s charm is back!

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Fragrance Review: Sisley – Izia La Nuit

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Sometimes fragrances don’t really match their supposed mood/name/bottle, so we end up with jarring juxtapositions such as fruit-shampoo-in-kitsch-bottle Versace Pour Elle Dylan Blue, or club-looking-jungle-smelling Marc Jacobs Decadence.

Izia La Nuit, though, doesn’t suffer from miscommunication. It smells just as dark and mysterious as promised by its name and bottle¹, with a nod to the original Izia, and a somber, nocturnal take on its rose theme.

Yet, with all that harmony, Izia La Nuit is also not what I expected…

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Fragrance Review: Lancôme – La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Browsing the Lancôme website, I’ve just found out that one of the (many) La Nuit Trésor flankers, Musc Diamant, is in process of discontinuation. Of course, by Murphy’s Law, this happens to be one of my favourites in this line¹, so I ran to my “old”² sample of it in order to give it a now-or-never revisit and full review.

Here’s my impression on La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant, just before we say au revoir…

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Top 5 Late Winter / Early Spring Perfumes – 2021

Winter is slowly giving room to spring, so it’s time to review my original Late Winter / Early Spring perfume list from last year, keeping a couple of favourites, and adding lots of new scents for the mid-season 2021!

For me, this time of the year inspires the light charm of icy but airy fragrances, with hints of cool florals, watery notes, whispers of woods, musks and powder.

With no further ado… here are my Top 5 fragrance suggestions for Late Winter / Early Spring 2021!

Fragrance Review: Guerlain – Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I’ve recently posted my first review on the (extense) Aqua Allegoria line by Guerlain, swooning over one of its classics, Mandarine Basilic. Today, we’ll look at one of the more recent entries in the collection: 2019’s Ginger Piccante.

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Fragrance Review: Chanel – Misia

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I was soo looking forward to try Misia. Chanel doing violet, rose, may rose, and powdery notes (and aldehydes!), over a vanilla, tonka and benzoin (and leather!) base, to reach a make-up/lipstick effect? I mean, wow. This sounded so perfectly tailored to my perfume taste. How could I possibly not love it?


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Fragrance Review: Chanel – Allure (EdP)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ah, Allure. My least favourite Chanel bottle design, holding such a rich, intricate warm floral that’s sooo 90’s it feels like an olfactive version of cappucchino-brown lipstick & nude eyeshadow.

I know the Eau de Toilette came first, in 1996 (and I shall re-sniff and review it when I have a chance); but the 1999’s Eau de Parfum enchanted me more – so much, I got myself a small bottle for my birthday, a couple of years ago… even if wishing it also looked like the Nº5 one.

So, this being the version I’m by far most familiar with… I’ll talk about it first. 🙂

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