Fragrance Review: Marc Jacobs – Daisy Dream

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If real life daisies had a perfume, it’s easy to imagine it as the scent of Marc Jacobs Daisy – bright, clean, grassy and slighly fruity. Likewise, a clear blue morning sky is a pretty scent-less concept… but, if it had a smell, it might be close to Daisy Dream!

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Fragrance Review: Guerlain – Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic

Rating: 4 out of 5.

In 1999, Guerlain came up with the (wonderful!) idea of creating a series of Eaux de Toilettes inspired by gardens and the sparklyness of bergamot. Thus, the Aqua Allegoria line was born, featuring a variety of nature-like, fresh, watery compositions with citrus, herbal, fruity and floral notes.

Since then, more than 30 Aqua Allegoria fragrances have came and gone, a few classics from the early collections remaining still in production – 1999’s Herba Fresca and Pamplelune, and the focus of today’s review, 2007’s Mandarine Basilic.

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Fragrance Review: Kenzo – Flower Eau de Vie

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m a big fan of Kenzo Flower – a modern classic with a clean, cozy character, reminiscent of fine talcum and fluffy powder puffs. When its flanker Flower Eau de Vie was launched in early 2019, however, my impression of it was… bad. I got sharp neroli, vitamin C tablets, abrasive musk, and an overall vibe of sterile hospital corridors and powdered clinical gloves. Not the most charming of images.

I had received a few samples¹, though, and despite mostly ignoring them, as months went by, whenever I’d sniff this scent, it would strike me as nicer than I’d remember. So, yesterday, I’ve decided to give Flower Eau de Vie another “proper” chance, and sprayed a full wear from a sample…

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Fragrance Review: Dior – Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The 2010’s were a Golden Age of sweet perfumes. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle and La Nuit Trésor, Giorgio Armani , Viktor&Rolf Bonbon, Dolce&Gabbana The Only One are but a few examples of super-sweet gourmands launched in this decade, and still popular today.

It comes as no surprise, then, that in 2016 the Miss Dior line – always changing as to keep in-trend¹ – has offered its own spin on the genre: Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming.

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Jasmine Fragrances

Surpassing rose, jasmine is the main flower used in perfumery – in fact, it’s easier to find fragrances that do contain a jasmine note (even in the “background” of the composition) over those that don’t – be it indolic royal jasmine, green-tinged jasmine sambac, or luminous synthetic hedione.

Real-life jasmine smells incredibly rich and complex – nectary yet green, vibrant yet dense, fresh yet dark. As a perfume note, it can go from creamy and heavy up to very sparkling and clean (sometimes, so much so it becomes very high-pitched), but it always has an expansive, bright presence.

Since so many perfumes include jasmine, this list will focus on those that feature it as an unmistakable centrepiece, dominating the scent and easy to “spot”. Similar compositions are listed close – so if you like a fragrance on the list, you might also enjoy its “neighbours”. Also, *new format!* the bottles’ pictures are linked to the full review, when avaliable!

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Fragrance Review: Chloé – Love Story (EdP, EdT & Eau Sensuelle)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Love Story fragrance collection started in 2014 with an Eau de Parfum, then expanded to include an Eau de Toilette in 2016, and a flanker, Eau Sensuelle, in 2017. The bottles have an antique feel similar to the brand’s signature Chloé (which I really like), and were inspired by the “love padlocks” left in the Pont des Arts in Paris (which is a terrible, terrible idea, as those thinghies are a real menace to precious historical sites).

The bottles also make for one of the most easy to mix up collections ever – really, Mon Guerlain flankers are a breeze to navigate compared to these near-identical bottles… Still love how they look, though.

All Love Story fragrances were created by perfumer Anne Flipo, Eau Sensuelle being a team work with Domitille Michalon Bertier. Since they’re very close, scent-wise, I’ll review all 3 in this same article.

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Fragrance Review: Lancôme – La Vie Est Belle

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The famous, the infamous La Vie Est Belle! Sweet darling to many, cloying terror to many more, I’d be pretty confident to nominate this the defining fragrance of the 2010’s – golly, the past decade, already?!

I’ve tested La Vie Est Belle a few times, got samples, sniffed it on others on countless occasions… yet, I still kind of struggle to form a solid opinion on it. Do I like the not-quite-burnt praline? Do I loathe the screechy patchouli? Today, I’ve decided to finally figure it out, and write my review on this icon of modern perfumery. Luckyly, I’ve just got a fresh sample of La Vie Est Belle, around Christmas…

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Top 10 Winter Perfumes

Happy New Year, dear readers! It’s been a year since I’ve started my seasonal series with fragrance suggestions for Winter 2020… Now, for Winter 2021, I’m going over my original list, keeping a few of the original favourites, and adding many new wintry scents!

In the depth of the coldest season, it’s time for the heaviest, richest, boldest perfumes to shine! Warm woods, resins, smoke and spices, along with deep vanilla, caramel, and other intense notes are just perfect to cut through the chilly air and scent our coziest coats and scarves.

With no further ado… here are 10 gorgeous fragrances I’ve loved to discover, and would suggest as great, season-perfect choices for winter 2021!

Fragrance Review: Carolina Herrera – CH

Rating: 3 out of 5.

If your taste in fragrance is similar to mine, it’s possible you see the lineup of Good Girl sparkly stilettos at Carolina Herrera’s perfume counter and feel disinclined to come closer.

In the lower shelves, however, sits a red bottle holding a lovelier, quite underrated scent…

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Fragrance Review: Narciso Rodriguez – Narciso Ambrée

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Narciso cubes and my nose have always gotten along wonderfully. From the stern, cool beauty of the original Narciso, to the tonka & white floral cosmetic Narciso Poudrée, up to the gorgeous lipstick-y Narciso Rouge, my love for the series has only grown at each new installment.

When another flanker was released this year, though, I was actually worried I might not like it that much. Maybe because amber is a hit-and-miss note for me¹, maybe because the brand had already succeeded in 3 variations of this perfume. Could a fourth still be as good?

I’ve finally been able to test Narciso Ambrée, wearing it a few times from a sample… and here are my impressions!

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